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At Ballistiq, we’re proud of the beautifully functional platforms that we’ve helped create. A huge part of our business is creating visually stunning web platforms built with the latest web technology to create outcomes for our customers that stand out. Along the way, we’ve gained expertise in building engaging user experiences that create effective web communities, learning platforms, and marketplaces.

As time passes and our network has grown, we have started to receive questions about past projects, and how certain platforms can help scale a business or help close gaps to make their business stronger. Today, we launch our first eBook:

The step-by-step guide to planning, building and growing a customer learning platform.

This eBook addresses some of the more common questions we get about creating learning platforms such as: What is a customer learning platform? Should your platform be free? What is the difference between an open source and custom learning platform?

It will also give you a better understanding of what kind of impact a learning platform can have for your business and guide you through some vital questions to answer before you begin building your customer learning platform.

If you’re interested in discovering the many benefits that e-learning can bring to your product community, you can download the eBook now.

If a customer learning platform isn’t for your business, but you’re looking to sell online, or build a strong virtual community, stay tuned for some exciting resources coming soon!