A fresh new year and a fresh new look
by Ballistiq January 18, 2018
A fresh new year and a fresh new look

In December, for the first time, we gathered our entire team, from around the world, together in Montreal to celebrate and reflect. Bringing our diverse company together from all our remote locations is a rare opportunity that we deeply value and each gathering brings about a few moments of excitement and anticipation for the year ahead. 2017 was a great year for us, we’ve added some new members to our team, we started a regular internship program, and we expanded our service offerings to include user experience design and a greater capacity in front-end development. We also launched our blog and ebook series.

Today we are excited to launch our fresh new look for 2018 at ballistiq.com! Reflecting on who we were and who we have become has been an exciting opportunity to refine and hone our identity. We wanted to choose a symbol that represented the momentum, dedication, and passion on our team. We also wanted to choose a symbol that represented our corporate values and the relationship we strive for with every client.

logo formula white 2x 1

Our new logo combines a cube, a letter b, and a chevron. The cube is the building block of digital media, it is the digital pixel and the shape that represents stability, perfection and truth. At Ballistiq, our clients trust us to find a solution that speaks their truth. For us the cube also represents the core strength of digital transformation. Letter b stands for Ballistiq and the positive impact we bring to our clients and users through our projects. The chevron shape is a nod to our old logo and our past achievements while constantly moving forward and up. Like many of the things we do, the process of refreshing our brand and corporate identity has been a great learning experience.

Let us know what you think of our new site, or drop us a line about a new project you’ve been itching to get off the ground. Join our mailing list to stay tuned for the launch of the Ballistiq Playbook, some new ebooks, a podcast and updates on the exciting work we are doing with our clients throughout 2018!

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