Working Remotely with your Agency
by Ballistiq April 18, 2018
Working Remotely with your Agency

Ballistiq is headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada but our Professional Services team works remotely from all across the country. At Ballistiq we have a mission to make a positive impact on people’s lives through great software. We also strive to create a working environment where our team members contribute their best work and can do this in their best environment - and when we created our company, remote working was a key aspect of this. Wondering what the experience of working remotely with an agency will be like? Read on to find out why we think it delivers optimal outcomes for our clients.

What is remote working?

Working remotely means that you are employed by a company who does not require you to attend its physical premises (if it even has them).

Here at Ballistiq we have a physical office in Montreal that houses a small administration team, and provides a coworking environment for development team members located in the Montreal area. Twice a year the entire Ballistiq team comes together in person in Montreal. This is important for building strong interpersonal relationships among our team and allows us to do things like strategic planning and internal process improvement in a room together with each other.

The rest of the year most of our Professional Services team collaborate virtually with each other and with our clients.

What advantages does remote working bring for our clients?

Firstly, there are good data to support that hiring remote workers allows companies like ours to tap into top talent available around the world. The skillsets that Ballistiq looks for in its staff are elite and hiring remotely allows us to access the best of the best at what we need to deliver top value for our clients.

Our team practice efficient meetings, top level communication skills and high quality interpersonal interactions in order to be effective at their day to day work. These experiences are repeated when we interact with clients, creating high performing teams that deliver value for clients from our first interactions.

Remote working requires a lot of trust with our team. However, building these strong trust bonds also encourages our team to feel empowered, to be unafraid to offer their opinions and advice, and drives our team to feel personal responsibility for their work. As consultants, this means that you work with a team who will have difficult conversations when necessary and will work hard to ensure the success of your project. Our remote culture is an essential part of Ballistiq’s talents.

While managing our team across 4 timezones can be challenging, it also allows us to provide great service experiences for clients from around the world. Whether you are located on the west coast or east coast of North America or located in Europe or Asia, we have team members who can be accessible during your business hours. This creates the opportunity for meaningful collaboration with clients from around the globe. When our team members aren’t online, we have tools like Basecamp; Realtime Board; Skype; and Slack that allow asynchronous collaboration. Our remote team use these tools adeptly because we use them for internal collaborations every day.

Lastly, remote working lowers overhead and administration costs for our company, which translates into increased value for clients with a larger proportion of your budget going toward your project specific costs.

What is it like working remotely as a client?

We bring fresh perspectives. One thing about hiring an agency that doesn’t work geographically near to you is our understanding of your needs is based on what you tell us and all the things we know from our experiences working with clients like your organization from around the world. We think this brings a certain honesty to the client relationship and in some cases it might broaden your organizational horizons to fresh outlooks that you haven’t seen before. You have to trust us. For some clients this takes a bit of getting used to. You might not hear from us for a few days and you might start to wonder about what has been happening on your project. At the beginning of our interactions we will ask you how often you want updates on your project so that we can help to ensure you get information when you expect it. We open up channels for communication in our project management software or through other collaborative tools to ensure you can share any comments, thoughts, and needs when they arise. Don’t be afraid to use these channels at any time. Video calls are essential. Be prepared to join us in a Google Hangout or another virtual meeting to make sure we can all get a high quality experience as we exchange vital information and discuss your project. As we all get to know each other, visual cues provided over video are really helpful. We don’t mind if you attend these meetings from your kitchen table, or if your dog wants to join in! Know what you can expect. The Ballistiq Playbook helps to guide our journey, keeps you informed of our process and what you can expect at each step. Each client journey is unique, so our Playbook provides a flexible structure in which we can produce predictable success despite each project’s nuances. Get to know our playbook here.

And lastly, web products and platforms are, by nature home, to remote interactions with your users, visitors or customers. Working remotely with our agency will teach you a lot about how your users, visitors or customers feel when interacting with your web experience. We think having a deep understanding of this as daily remote workers and acting as a remote agency partner allow us to truly deliver virtual experiences that create our client’s successes.

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