Our approach
At Ballistiq we offer top-notch technical skills complemented by real world experience owning, operating, and innovating our own products in addition to the consulting work that we do. This expertise makes us different, and it drives our desire to maximize the impact of every solution we create. We embrace challenge, we value learning, we strive for partnership and we deliver excellence.
Welcome to the Playbook
Our playbook is the map that guides us on every customer journey -- it tells the stories of our past lessons, provides the signposts you can expect when you work with us, and defines the path that helps us repeat success on every project.

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Storytelling is a powerful tool for empathy and understanding which is the first step in finding an innovative solution that delivers maximum value for you. What is your story?
  • Define what success is for you
  • Understand your problem
  • Answer the 5W's
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Following our storytelling session, our team will collaborate on the possible solutions we might offer. We consider every idea offered by our team. We examine the fit of what you need with what we can offer.
  • Ideastorming
  • Impactful and feasible
  • Objectives and Outcomes
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At this signpost, you will receive a proposal outlining our understanding of the Project and our recommended approach. You tell us if you are ready to proceed or if we need to iterate on our proposal or approach.
  • Honest assessments of what is needed
  • An analysis of your expected Return on Investment
  • Transparent proposals and presentations
  • Partnership with developers and designers who care about your outcome
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Services Engagement
At this signpost, our obligations to each other are written down. Typically, this will involve a Master Services Agreement to establish our relationship and a preliminary Statement of Work. Typically, our projects will begin with a Discovery phase.
  • A timeline
  • Deliverables
  • A cost outline for the work to be completed
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At this signpost we work through user experience and design for your project. We will create and review wireframes, sitemaps, style guides, mood boards, art direction recommendations, user journeys, mockups and other design elements.
  • A wireframe outline of your experience
  • A high-fidelity mockup of your experience
  • Branding and visual assets as required for your project
  • Elegant user experiences
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With your story, and some information about your user experience and styles our team will collaborate on the possible technical solutions we might offer. We define epics and user stories that will satisfy the list of requirements.
  • An outline of our technical plan
  • A list of user stories and epics where applicable
  • A plan for how we will execute development
  • A schedule for development
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At this signpost we undertake software development based on approved design and specifications. Ballistiq’s technical expertise is diverse and we empower that. We strive for elegant technical solutions that deliver business value.
  • Bi-weekly progress reports (at a minimum)
  • See your project’s progress and provide feedback
  • Developers who respond to feedback and strive for continuous improvement.
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Testing & Feedback
At this signpost we release prototype software to a staging server environment. You get to put your hands on working product because we believe that experiencing great software is the most important thing that we deliver.
  • Hands on interaction with a finished product
  • User acceptance testing (if desired)
  • Fixing of any issues brought to our attention
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Launch / Delivery
At this signpost your software goes into the wild! We can help you with provisioning servers and required infrastructure and preparing your users for launch. Or, if you prefer, we can gift wrap your software and deliver it to your door.
  • Software configuration documentation
  • Software deployment (and/or deployment support)
  • User support materials or media
  • System testing and monitoring
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Celebrate & Support
We stick around. Every client we work with becomes a part of our family, and when you need us, we will be there for new projects, updated user needs, troubleshooting, and growing in new directions.
  • Project retrospective & Feedback survey
  • Maintenance SOW discussions where applicable
  • An open door for anything you’d like to discuss in the future
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Success doesn't necessarily come from breakthrough innovation but from flawless execution. A great strategy alone won't win a game or a battle; the win comes from basic blocking and tackling.
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