Autodesk Fusion 360
Ballistiq’s initial partnership with Autodesk for the Fusion 360 product was to build a new community platform for Fusion 360. This platform enables users to share design projects from within the Fusion360 cloud-based application. The community “hub” enables users to view each other’s work, critique and share in a social network-like fashion.

After a successful pilot period, Ballistiq assisted Autodesk in transitioning this project in-house and the core architecture has become the Autodesk Online Gallery.

In 2017, Ballistiq created a new learning management system (LMS) for Fusion 360. Students progress along a learning path defined by an administrator. Each lesson incorporates multimedia elements, a lesson plan created from a CMS, example dataset, and pdf of the lesson plan. New Fusion 360 users get an email to signup for the LMS. The site acquired 15,000 users in its first month.

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