Gnomon Online
Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Hollywood is the premier college for learning the craft of visual effects for the film and games industries. Ballistiq designed and built the distance education platform for the school, which provides live, online courses from leading artists in the movie and games industries.
The Learning Management System (LMS) provides custom content management while interfacing with the school’s grading and calendar software and other tools maximizing the learner experience including integration with video conferencing software and the provision of email reminders to students and faculty.
The school has produced 520 graduates and boasts an employment rate of over 90% in both of its programs.

The platform features:

  • Live online classes
  • Support for courses, sections, students, instructors
  • Discussion forums
  • Assignments
  • Quizzes
  • Student notifications

The Gnomon Online elearning platform enables students to login, see their classes and progress through them intuitively.

Each class contains all the material that the students need, sometimes gigabytes of media files!

Forums enable students to interact, share their progress and get feedback from instructors and one another.

Gnomon Online classes are held live using Citrix GoToMeeting technology. Ballistiq developed the integration so that it is completely seamless to both staff and students.

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