Toon Boom Learn
Toon Boom Animation is a Canadian software company based in Montreal, QC that specializes in animation and storyboarding software. Since 1994, software from Toon Boom has played a major role in the creation of films, television shows, web animations and games and is used by high-profile studios such as Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar and Fox Studios.

Toon Boom’s initial product success created a demand for artists trained on the products but very few opportunities existed to provide this training. Toon Boom quickly realized that in order to ensure the longevity of their animation and storyboarding products within the industry they needed to supply qualified users who knew how to use the product to its fullest capability.
To reach a global market Toon Boom partnered with Ballistiq and together, were able to create an e-learning Platform called Toon Boom Learn. The platform features free, self-paced learning including skill tests and gamified rewards. The platform facilitates registration in instructor-led courses and the ability to locate authorized training centres. Only a few months after launch the platform has already acquired over 5,000 learners.

Read more about our partnership with Toon Boom on our blog.
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